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MEA inspects distribution system and electrical equipment in Chao Phraya communities in Nonthaburi

The Bang Yai and Bang Bua Thong branches of the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEA), as well as the Metropolitan Electricity Authority (MEAWU) Workers’ Union, headed by President Sanit Saiprasert, visited the communities on October 6, 2021. of Pak Kret and Phibunsongkhram 1, Nonthaburi province, inspecting distribution systems and electrical equipment for safety. They also monitored the water level to ensure that the meters installed on the utility poles are safe. MEA urges the public to inspect household electrical equipment to avoid the risk of electrical leakage with the assistance of 24-hour MEA maintenance personnel.

MEA, which reports to the Interior Ministry, is committed to ensuring efficient power distribution that can support emergencies and blackouts in Bangkok, Nonthaburi and Samut Prakan. The MEA has a 24-hour maintenance plan to resolve issues across all sectors in accordance with guidelines from the National Disaster Management Command Headquarters.

In addition, MEA installed an accessory to increase the stability of the main water pumping stations. The electrical system is connected to the SCADA and DMS systems to automatically direct the power supply. This will improve the management, data analysis and operation of efficient and secure electricity distribution. Staff have been assigned to supervise 10 key points, including pumping stations, drainage tunnels and underground tunnels in the 492 service areas.

Currently, the MEA recommends moving electrical equipment and outlets to a higher, safer location and keeping tree branches away from electrical wires as wet branches could lead to flooding. leak. For display panels, please check the strength and make sure the structure is in stable and safe condition. It is also recommended to follow the news closely.

If people see damaged power cables or electrical equipment, they are encouraged to notify MEA officials through: the MEA call center on 1130, MEA social media platforms, or the MEA Smart Life app on iOS and Android smartphones can be downloaded 24 hours a day from http: // onelink .to / measmartlife.

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