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Mexico’s Impulsora, a distributor of electrical and lighting equipment for construction and energy projects, is optimistic about the local market.

Yet the company also faces a lack of infrastructure investment and global supply chain issues.

COO Leonardo Getzel tells BNamericas how Impulsora is addressing these issues and where the company is finding the best opportunities.

BNamericas: What role does Impulsora play in the sectors you serve?

Getzel: We are the largest distributor of electrical and lighting equipment in Mexico. We were founded in Monterrey 68 years ago and we are dedicated to the commercialization of electrical equipment, lighting and hardware. We represent prestigious brands and work directly with factories… everything related to construction, obviously the government part, gas, oil and energy, to name but a few sectors where we are currently active.

We have the largest inventory nationwide of any brand that we process and deliver quickly. Technically, we become one of our clients.

We also have two specialized departments, one focused on lighting. We also have the engineering part where Impulsora works with customers. Obviously, this department has a division made up of engineers who help our customers choose the right equipment, advise them. We have also created divisions specializing in energy storage, where we are an authorized Tesla distributor for energy storage batteries. We have an agreement with Tesla under which we conduct energy storage studies for batteries, which we are technically developing over the past two years.

BNamericas: Where are the best opportunities? What are the best projects and sectors?

Getzel: We believe that the oil, gas and energy sectors are segments that are triggered by the need and lack of infrastructure. We also get a lot of demand from industries that migrate to our country, such as factories from Asia. We find that many factories come to Mexico to start their operations because of the great opportunity [here], where the industry is growing enormously, that is, we support each other technically with our customers. The industry part in general has developed or serves all areas related to infrastructure. We take care of both extensions and of course daily maintenance.

BNamericas: How do you assess claims from the private sector that the lack of infrastructure projects is hampering the growth of the construction sector?

Getzel: We all know that there was a shortage on the infrastructure side, but the investments are starting up again.

BNamericas: How did Impulsora deal with the supply challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic?

Getzel: We have been clear about the shortage and delays in delivery. We manage very large inventories to supply our customers; we try to keep stocks as plentiful as possible so that our customers do not experience this type of mishap. Yes, we have definitely encountered this problem, which is global. But we have tried to stay very high to try to harmonize these kinds of issues and obviously we have organized with factories and suppliers to minimize these kinds of issues and stay in good standing with our customers.

Obviously, the logistics part is a global problem. It cannot be hidden and you must try to minimize it. We manage approximately 100m2 of warehouses throughout the territory, where we try to position ourselves strategically at national level to supply or serve our customers.

BNamericas: What are the biggest obstacles in your sector?

Getzel: We are a company that faithfully believes in our country, we bet on Mexico and, again, we know the global logistics problems. We try to work with both the factories and our inventories. Well, there’s never a good year, one without problems. We try to see it one by one and take the necessary precautions as the markets are shaken and how they are painted.

BNamericas: Do you have any expansion plans?

Getzel: We currently only work at the national level. We have divisions that serve alternative markets, but Impulsora as such is dedicated to Mexico.

BNamericas: Have you found the best opportunities in the construction or energy sector?

Getzel: We see a lot of housing development in the construction part. It’s all very focused on buildings in general, both homes and offices. Also in construction there are commercial chains that we have been serving for a long time and growth has occurred in the sector. In the energy some, well, all of the projects that the federal government has announced [are attractive]like the development of [public utility] CFE and [federal oil company] Pemex, and obviously private projects developed on a national scale.

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