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Make sure your child is safe from electrical hazards while running around your home with these outlet covers.

While curiosity is crucial in the development of children, sometimes there are things that are best left unexplored. For a 2 year old, electrical outlets are fascinating. A device attached to the wall prompts their curious mind to stick their fingers or a fork in it. Since you already know how dangerous these things can be, as a parent you should take every precaution possible.

One of these precautions is to install outlet covers on all electrical outlets in the house. This would prevent your child from accessing it on their own. If you are in the market for electrical outlet covers, make sure the one you are finalizing is made of a durable material and difficult to remove. Here are some good electrical outlet cover options on Amazon that keep kids safe:

SIFAMO electrical outlet cover

The SIFAMO electrical outlet cover is made of ABS plastic, ensuring that the cover is durable enough to stand the test of time. Since it has a hidden handle, it would be nearly impossible for children to remove the cover from the socket. Plus, since it doesn’t require screws or other materials, please rest assured that it won’t damage the walls around the outlet. The SIFAMO electrical outlet cover has a compatible design, allowing it to fit most outlets in your home. Apart from that, some of its other notable features are sturdy construction and ergonomic design.

PROTOWARE electrical outlet cover

The PROTOWARE Electrical Outlet Cover is a quick, secure and easy way to protect electrical outlets in your home. It prevents accidents and guarantees the safety of your children around the clock! This cover features an ABS plastic body and is completely safe for your child’s health. It also has an additional cover that rests on the power outlet. As this outlet cover is spring loaded, the PROTOWARE electrical outlet cover would prevent your child from entering the outlet. In addition to these characteristics, it also incorporates a high resistance insulating body.

Luvlap electrical outlet cover

The Luvlap electrical outlet cover protects children from accidental shocks by preventing them from inserting objects into electrical outlets. They can fit most 5A outlets as they are standard size. These blankets can be easily installed using a simple squeeze and pull technique, easier to perform for adults but difficult for children. Made of fire resistant ABS material, the Luvlap electrical outlet cover is completely safe to use.

Love electrical outlet covers

Adore electrical outlet covers work with a squeeze-and-pull technique that is easy for parents to understand but difficult for children. This plug cover prevents children from playing with the plugs because it covers them completely. It has a simple design that does not attract the attention of curious children, thus keeping them away from electrical outlets. Moreover, since it is made from premium plastic, it can easily last for a long time. Thanks to their three-prong design, Adore electrical outlet covers have been specially designed for Indian households.

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