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Well, that might be impossible with a plug that has a transformer on it or something, but I mean it wouldn’t be impossible for a very simple plug with a very minimal amount of rubber attached, like many taken are in the United States.

This will work for any socket of any variety as long as the pins are exposed and have closed the circuit. You are shorting the circuit when you connect the two pins. It’s totally doable on a dime for any 110/120V outlet in the US because the pins aren’t insulated and they’re only about 15mm apart. You don’t have to fully insert the plug for it to activate. Maybe not halfway, but definitely enough room for 2 or 3 pennies. Virtually all outlets in the United States do not have the pins insulated halfway. It’s bare metal. Even 240V 30A 3-prong plugs for ovens and clothes dryers are completely bare and can be bridged with a coin or sufficiently large, conductive wire, regardless of the conductive material.

It’s your absolute stupidity challenge, like the challenge to swallow laundry detergent pods a few years ago. This shows that social media, Youtube and search engines only have post hoc ethics or built-in safety nets. That is, they are only screened or prosecuted when they have lost in court or are perceived to have been subject to government action because of stupid content that they host and amplify. These are pure popularity boosting algorithms, without any understanding of the content. It’s just counting page visits based on the keyword and trying to get more visits to that page by showing that page to as many people as they think will click on it. And they certainly know what content gets a lot of hits, know how to design an algorithm to assign the right keyword metadata to pages, and so on.

So Amazon’s search engine got a search engine hit on something that involved a challenge that had a lot of views, never mind it was something so completely stupid, so unethical for the company and so super litigious. The page or content did not include enough security or social security keywords from the start to filter it. They always amplify first and wait for someone to make a problem out of it before stopping the amplification.

Really, I think the only realistic course of action for social media amplification is for people to sue them for everything. Everything must be questioned and continuously.

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